Jimmy Choo and shoes in my life

13 April 2014

© net-a-porter

Hey guys, there are some days gone since my last posting. The time is getting so shot  and my final exam is so real and close (three month left!). Still it's  a lot to learn and to do. But I don't want to bore you with my learning stuff and show you today my next KP - the Jimmy Choo Shoes!

Mustard jumper & destroyed jeans for beginners

07 April 2014

Ladies and Gents, today just short - something to watch or maybe to shop as well: the mustard jumper and destroyed jeans for the beginners. And of course I'm not going anywhere without the trench coat - the spring weather is so unpredictable. Generally I keep the whole look simple like in most cases. You know I like simple and clean, but sometimes it's easy to say and difficult to implement. Anyway I wish you a really successful week, guys! A lot of hugs, Xenia

Jeans - an important part of the Spring Wardrobe!

05 April 2014

English | Maybe Andy Torres did it already in the Winter - wore the Destroyed Denim - but for me this time starts now with the Spring. Long before blogging I've loved to wear that kind of jeans. Many years after that I was too busy to think about this love... Now the time comes and I bought a pair of destroyed jeans. My feelings - I' so happy to wear them again. For me it means a lot: freedom, creativity...

Last Monday I was learning in the library and thought about all that feelings.... Suddenly I got an idea to look for the people, that a kind happy like me to wear the destroyed jeans - the result - nobody. I saw nobody who was wearing destroyed jeans. It can't be!

Are we so strong and trendy only in online life? What about offline? Be strong and happy offline too! Show your love to destroyed jeans (if you love them too) or other things that you really love, the things that make you happy! And don't think about tomorrow - do it now, live now!

Optimization of life and fashion explorer

02 April 2014

English | Can't believe it - the time is passing so fast. For some weeks I was wearing the coat and today a trench coat or a jacket. I even thought I should go with my Spring project faster, two warm days more and it isn't Spring anymore... and I should write more about the Summer! Still there are so many basics in the project, that you can wear even in the Summer...

Anyway I think you've seen it already. There are some changes on the blog - I like to change :). I created 3 main windows (left side of the blog) for the main subjects: Fashion (all about fashion and accessory), Beauty talk and Thoughts. If you are looking for more subjects - look at the Categories, there you'II find more keywords and information. 

Loafer - the shoe without strings

29 March 2014

© Tory Burch

English | Here we go guys, today I would like to talk about my next point (or better to say - about my next step) in get ready for the Spring project - loafers (slip-on shoes, slippers - it's all the same). What is it so special about them, why people are talking so much about. Are they really an alternative to the classical shoes with the high heels? Is it a basic item for you or just temporary - a trend for the season?

Trench coat and dress in candy colour

26 March 2014

Hello Ladies and Gents, today is a Look-Day. I would like to show you how I combine the trench coat with the candy colour dress. Trench coat is a very important piece in my Spring wardrobe. On the pics I'm wearing the trench coat from Hallhuber - a German brand. Generally I like the coats from that brand a lot, because of the cut, material and price :). Wish you a very nice day, guys! Kisses, Xenia

From trench into department store

25 March 2014

© Fashion ID

English | Did Thomas Burberry foresee that his invention will be spreaded out the trench into department store and conquered the whole fashion world? I don't know, but the fact is - it did! Since Breakfast by Tiffany or Columbo we've been inspiring by the piece from military world. It was a case of peaceful integration in our fashion life.

Get ready for the Spring or Spring wardrobe

23 March 2014

English | Funny things happen, some days ago I opened my wardrobe and thought - Yes, I'm definitely a north girl. The sun was shining, temperature was about 17+ C and I thought, what can I wear next Autumn. And it wasn't because I'm a kind fashion blogger and see things ahead, no. It was because I absolutely can't deal with the Spring in a dress way.

I spent my childhood on the island in East Asia. The Autumn started in October and took actually only October. In November was already the Winter, which went till April. And finally at the end of May -  it was the Spring. That kind of season chaos had marked me for ever. Still I'm very learneable person and it's time to learn and to enjoy the Spring! Well, here we go the project: get ready for the Spring or Spring wardrobe!

First year blogging

21 March 2014

English | It's already a year gone, since I was firts time blogging. There are so many things was changing around this year. I've learned a lot about blogging, html isn't a riddle anymore. I'm getting more wiser and more me. I like this daily blogger routine and I think I can do more. Well, we'll see. Are you with me guys?

Trendy frays

17 March 2014


                                                                     © Mango | Bershka | ZARA | H&M

The Spring of 2014 is more and more real. Very soon we can wear the sandals, breezy jackets and dresses. By the way, breezy - it's a good word for my post today :))) Than today I would like to talk and to show you some frays. Also Spring 2014 can't be without frays.